Aromatherapy database for physicians and aroma specialists

Research in the most modern way

FROM experience FOR practice: Our database is a reference-tool for the daily work of professionals with essential oils.

The easiest and most convenient way to search online for accurate and solid information about indications, effects, precautions, ingredients etc. of essential oils.

“Unverified information about essential oils and aroma tips can be found quickly on the Internet. Blends too. The difference: In this database, all information has been checked several times, all blends have actually been tried out, all tips have been tested – aroma information quality you can rely on!

On the aromainfo-database you can easily search on the computer, mobile phone or tablet at home, at work or wherever you have internet access.

The database includes:

  • essential oils as profiles including correct image and graphic representation of the ingredients
  • more than 400 blends
  • more than 1000 studies
  • numerous diploma theses from the University of Vienna on individual oils
  • Search options for
    • more than 400 different indications
    • more than 500 different ingredients
    • Precautions, countries of origin, plant families, methods of extraction, element assignments and much more.

In order to use the database, an active internet connection is required. We continuously updated the database and add new information to it every week.

Thanks for your interest!

Ingrid Karner & Bernhard Seunig-Karner

If you would like to buy one license, please click on the “Shop” item in the header menu on this page and then choose the desired item. On the product description, you will also find a link to a free 24-hour trial access. However, if you are a reseller, seminar provider etc. and would like to purchase 20 licenses or more, please send us an email to and we will be happy to contact you.