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    History of the aromainfo-database

    Ingrid already had the idea of a database in which information about essential oils can be filtered and displayed quickly and easily in 2003. At that time, the first database was created with the Microsoft Access program. This was only suitable for local use on a PC or laptop and was restricted to one device.

    In 2009 Bernhard decided to program a web-based database for essential oils. This first of the online database was also his bachelor’s thesis. This version of the database was for internal use only.

    Over the years, Ingrid added, deleted, updated, re-researched data and images on essential oils.

    Due to technical changes, the database was completely re-designed in 2017. In March 2019, the database was ready to be released to the public.

    That’s not enough: just as life is constantly renewed and changed, new study results are published continuously. The data of such a collection must also be updated and the database has to be maintained on a regular basis.

    Even if we work with the greatest care, sometimes errors can creep in during processing. We would like to apologize for this and ask you to let us know if you discover content or technical error. Thank you in advance for any support and improvement you might send us.

    We would like to express sincere gratitude to the following ladies: Christina Wnuck for the great support and adding the ingredients, Päivi Blöchl for translating the content into Finnish and for testing, as well as our testers Sandra Haslinger and Mag.a Tina Krupalija!

    Thank you and have fun with our database.

    Ingrid & Bernhard

    Foto von Bernhard und Ingrid